Mansplainer: Life Hacks

Many people ask me how I seem to have it all figured out and be successful at everything without overreaching or underachieving.  They ask me how I have attained fulfillment, contentment, and self-actualization while retaining a healthy ambition and curiosity.  They ask me how it is that I seem to have no problems or issues... Continue Reading →

Ask this Asian Chick: Her GBF

Hey Asian Chick, My girlfriend has this best friend who is a gay dude. Whatever, I'm cool with that, I guess. Every time she hangs out with him, I swear she comes home and nags me about something. I thought he liked me--he's always buying me drinks and calling me "hunky", so I figured we... Continue Reading →

Porsche 911: A Bromance

By Jason Schauer The king of the road has always been, and likely always will be, the venerable Porsche 911.  The 911 is quite simply the greatest car ever created.  Period.  To those who know, no explanation is needed.  To those that do not, no explanation will suffice.  But in the immortal words of young... Continue Reading →

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