Evolution Has Inevitably Produced Utilikilt™️ Man

By Craig Packard As the eons have passed, and whatever manner of slimy lizard-like creature that crawled out of the primordial sea and, through myriad small, seemingly imperceptible changes that we are predisposed to see as “progress,” eventually gave rise to Homo sapiens sapiens—that is, us—evolution has finally reached its pinnacle: Utilikilt™️ Man. Behold the... Continue Reading →

Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Summer is here again and it can really put us in a tough position of looking cool while actually being cool. Temperature-wise, that is. Women seem to have various summer fashion du jour looks they all get the memo about ahead of time so they are on-trend as soon as it reaches 72° and sunny.... Continue Reading →

You Might Want These $95 Gloves

Ninety-five bucks for a pair of gloves?  That seems steep, we'll admit.  But when you try these goatskin gloves made by outdoor outfitters Filson, you're going to love them, and you're going to want them, whether you're really going to go out and fell a tree or spend months in the Klondike mining gold, or... Continue Reading →

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