Jerky and Trail Mix – Together at Last

By Craig Packard

Yeah, you heard that right.  What do you need?  Nuts?  Check.  Dried fruit?  Check.  Beef?  Um, check?  Why, you may ask?  Because:  Man.  What the hell isn’t made better by the addition of beef?  Think about that, and if you come up with any answer, punch yourself in the face.

You don’t need to tear down trees with your bare hands or chew on tires for a living to love what Dick Stevens has put into his bag.  (There’s something just so right about a sentence that includes both “Dick Stevens” and “bag” in it.)  You just gotta be a man and hungry, and, to be honest, you don’t even need to be a man–but don’t tell anyone we said that.

Sure, we were confused by the dried cranberries, which admittedly are neither nuts nor meat.  But dammit, this crazy combination just works.  Tart, savory, and… meat.  It’s one of those “Why didn’t we think of this?” combinations that just slaps you across the head with awesome, or, “This could be a great discovery, or a horrible mistake.”  We’re still working on the answer to that.  If they could figure out how to get beer in there… hey!

Try some of their other combinations for real excitement, especially coming out the other end:  Gravel, Fingernails, and Bullets.  Roofing Nails, Dried Thai Chilis, and a Live Tiger.  Mmm…

Get some.

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