Dude, What’s Your Love Language?

By Geoffrey P. Baron It's bad enough you had to know your Meyers-Briggs type just to make a profile on a dating app, and have an Insta that is carefully curated to show how exciting and hip your life is/should be, but now people are listing their Love Languages on there? Da fuck is that?... Continue Reading →

Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Summer is here again and it can really put us in a tough position of looking cool while actually being cool. Temperature-wise, that is. Women seem to have various summer fashion du jour looks they all get the memo about ahead of time so they are on-trend as soon as it reaches 72° and sunny.... Continue Reading →

So You Want to Shave Your Junk

So you want to shave your junk.  First question: why?  No, seriously.  Why? Okay, let's set that aside for a moment, because you really seem to want to go through with this, although most of us spend our lives trying to keep sharp objects away from our precious jewels. But not you. No, sir. You... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day BBQ Elk Recipe

by Geoffrey P. Baron It's almost the first big grilling day of the 2018, and whether you call it "barbecuing" or "grilling out" or "fire meat good", we've got you covered with the manliest recipe to reinforce your Alpha Male status amongst your peers. (Just kidding. We know you don't have "peers.") Elk Burgers Once... Continue Reading →

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