The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch: Some Accessories Can Make You a Better Man

By Craig Packard

This is the watch that went to the moon.  How frickin’ cool is that?  Not only that, it’s gone along for every piloted NASA mission since 1965.  Now, ordinarily we’d say an accessory is just an accessory.  It’s something to add a little panache to your already slick style.  And certainly a watch that costs $6000 doesn’t tell the time any better than one that costs $600, or even $60.  But this is something special.  This signifies something.  Not everyone will see or understand.  But a few will.  And those who do will know that you are someone to be reckoned with.  The 42mm face is commanding.  The stainless steel is bold, yet understated.  It just looks manly.  Even the script of the logo is timeless:

Now we wouldn’t say it’ll make you a hit with the ladies, or it’ll make your balls bigger.  But we wouldn’t say it won’t.  And if it’s good enough for Buzz Aldrin to wear to the moon, it’ll suit you just fine, my son.  Check it out here.

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