The Best Hairstyles to Show that You are Not a Typical Bro

Sure, you could go for the typical bro-ey fade and taper.  But do you want to look like all the other douche bags?

Here are a few bold styles to take your game up a notch.  Possibly a notch too far, but you aren’t one for half measures, are you?

Use caution, and in the likely case of a beat-down, may we suggest wearing a cup?

The Pink Faux-hawk.  It says he’s sensitive.  And he knows where to get the best roofies.
The Turd-Pile.  This, along with the tattoos, says that, although he looks dirty and probably smells awful, he does believe in the G-spot.  At least in theory.
The Bi-Level.  Also an indicator of how he rolls.
The Boy-Band Dropout.  Complete with facial hair “experiment.”  They already had an actual bad boy in their lineup.  Seriously, he was a meth addict.
The Keanu.  He will whisk you away to Italy.  Unfortunately he is actually Italian.
The German Post-modern New Waver.  He might have been cool thirty years ago.  Unfortunately, that means he’s thirty years behind the times.  And German.

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