Ask This Asian Chick: Sex Toys

Hey Asian Chick, My girlfriend wants to use sex toys. What's the deal? I thought she was satisfied with me. Should I be worried? Thanks, Glen Dear Glen, First off, how lucky are you to have a sexual partner who tells you what she wants instead of just expecting you to know? Sex toys are... Continue Reading →

Ask This Asian Chick: Dating Apps

This Asian Chick receives many questions about online dating: what to say, what not to say, how many photos shirtless in a public bathroom mirror selfies to include, (the answer is four, minimum, to let her know your relationship with her will not be complicated by your many, many friends), etc. So, I thought I... Continue Reading →

Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Summer is here again and it can really put us in a tough position of looking cool while actually being cool. Temperature-wise, that is. Women seem to have various summer fashion du jour looks they all get the memo about ahead of time so they are on-trend as soon as it reaches 72° and sunny.... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day BBQ Elk Recipe

by Geoffrey P. Baron It's almost the first big grilling day of the 2018, and whether you call it "barbecuing" or "grilling out" or "fire meat good", we've got you covered with the manliest recipe to reinforce your Alpha Male status amongst your peers. (Just kidding. We know you don't have "peers.") Elk Burgers Once... Continue Reading →

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