ISJ Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The ISJ man always knows what he wants. Unless he doesn’t. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the manliest gifts to put on your Wish List. You didn’t even know you needed these until you saw them here. Now you know

We’ll break it down the basics: meat, fire, drink, and gear.


Shred meat like a bear does. Growling noises optional, but believe us, chicks totally dig that.

Bear Paws Meat Shredding Forks

Bear paw

But, you don’t want that meat to be too fatty. Your woman prefers you to keep it tight.

Brisket Trimmer

Brisket trimmer

Now, your meat is ready to put on a pizza, but you don’t make pizza in the oven, no, you put it on the grill, of course.

Pizza Oven for Gas Grill

pizza oven

Cook meat anywhere and dispose of the evidence.

Biodegradable Grill

biodegradable grill



Always be ready to transport a cord—you never know when you need to build a fire.

Collapsible Wheelbarrow

canvas wheelbarrow

Make a fire anywhere, the way real men do.

Backpacking Stove

campfire pot in action

Get the fire going fast, because waiting for fire is bullshit. Get your shit together, Glen.

Rapid Fire Starter




Still drinking with cubes? Dude.

Whiskey Wedge

whiskey wedge

We guess it’s find if you want to pull out bottles at your next party, but why should you when you could bust out a shiny growler keg?

Craft Beer Growler Keg




Give this a ring the next time you get your lady into bed… or the next time you argue.

Ringside Bell

boxing bell

Don’t tell me you haven’t yet switched over to straight razors for absolutely no functional reason.

Sharpening Strop


Without this, someone else might save your woman when she slips off the drawbridge. You don’t want that.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

survival cord bracelet


Now that you know what you, the man who has everything, want this holiday season, (you’re welcome), get this list out to your lady and then work on what to get for her.

You’re awesome at figuring out exactly what she wants, right? No? If not, This Asian Chick will probably chime in with a guide for you on what your woman is hoping she finds under the tree. And, no, it’s probably not you wrapped in a bow.



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